“Our criminal justice system is broken. I’m running for District Attorney because I have the ideas and independence to truly reform this office.  I’m focused on changing how our system works to improve the quality of life for every person, and every part of the city.”

- Democrat Michael Untermeyer 


Michael Untermeyer is a community leader, attorney, and former prosecutor. He served for 15 years as a prosecutor in Philadelphia, including as an Assistant District Attorney, Deputy Attorney General and Senior Deputy Attorney General.

Michael has spent most of his life taking on tough fights and serving the public. He began at the age of 18 driving an ambulance in Harlem, New York. He attended Rutgers School of Law-Camden. After law school, Michael was hired by the District Attorney’s office under Ed Rendell. There, he served as an Assistant District Attorney, where he was one of three Attorneys who founded the Domestic Violence Unit.

After four years, Michael left the District Attorney’s office and joined the Philadelphia Office of the Attorney General. His primary focus was on financial investigations, money laundering and the prosecution of major narcotics dealers and organized crime in the Drug Law Division. In this position, he worked with state narcotics agents, financial agents and Pennsylvania State Troopers to conduct long-term, high-level narcotics investigations. Michael became a statewide expert on money laundering and financial crimes.

After over a decade in the Attorney General’s office, Michael went into private practice, helping small businesses. He remains deeply committed to improving our community. During the mortgage crisis, he volunteered as a Judge Pro Tem in Philadelphia’s Mortgage Foreclosure Rescue Effort, helping keep Philadelphians in their homes. He engages in pro bono legal work for several organizations and has chaired the South Street Headhouse Special Services District, where he is an active volunteer. He was also a volunteer with the American Red Cross, where he served in Mississippi after Hurricane Katrina.

Now, Michael is running for District Attorney because he has the ideas, experience, and integrity to truly reform the office. You can read more about his specific plans to reform the office here.