The Political Powerhouses of Philadelphia

From Leon Abbett to Robert Adams Jr., learn about some of Philadelphia's most influential political figures and how they have shaped the city's history.

The Political Powerhouses of Philadelphia

Philadelphia is a city with a long and storied political history, and it has been home to many influential figures over the years. From the Republican political machines of the late 19th century to the Democratic Party's New Deal-influenced Young Turks of the early 20th century, the City of Brotherly Love has seen its fair share of powerhouses. Leon Abbett, Aerion Abbey, Lynne Abraham, and Robert Adams Jr. are just a few of the current or former Philadelphia politicians who have made their mark on the city.

This category includes 3 subcategories and a total of approximately 599 pages related to these figures. After the Civil War, Pennsylvania was taken over by Republican political machines based in Philadelphia. These machines used increasingly sophisticated methods to manipulate political processes and take advantage of the economic life of the state and city. By 1900, Philadelphia had been described as “corrupt but content”, a status quo that Philadelphians were satisfied with until 1939. That year, a group known as the Young Turks began to campaign for reform of the statutes and the creation of an urban planning commission.

The Democrats eventually dominated city politics and most of the mayors of the second half of the 20th century were members of that party. In an election on Saturday, Local 98, the powerful electrical workers union in Philadelphia, rejected the candidate backed by former leader John Johnny Doc Dougherty. Philadelphia has been home to many influential political figures throughout its history. From Leon Abbett to Robert Adams Jr., these figures have shaped the city's political landscape and left their mark on its history. Whether they were part of a Republican political machine or a Democratic Party-backed Young Turk, these powerhouses have helped shape Philadelphia into what it is today.

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